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How To Improve Google Ranking

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So after months of blood, sweat and tears you got your big bad website up and running, you're posting new content like a mad man and all indications show that you're ready to take the world by storm, however you discovered a slight problem, nobody is showing up at your site!

I'll tell you what, Google your website and write down how many pages you had to get through before you finally found your site or did you even find it all all, your Google ranking doesn't put you near the top of the list, that's why I am here for, to tell you how to improve your Google ranking.

#1 Submit your website to major directories. I suggest Dmoz and JoEant.

Dmoz is THE open directory project and it's the largest most comprehensive human-edited directory on the web, think of it as the yellow pages of the internet, JoAnt is a similar directory of websites that specializes in giving its users the most relevant results for their searches, if you haven't submitted your site to them these are your first two stops.

#2 Use descriptive page structures.

Like most users search engine robots spend most of the time scanning rather than reading information on websites, well-designed headers and page titles help robots recognize what's on the page, think of it this way, if you are selling " how to make money ebook" but it's located on the page titled "1234567890.html" then Google may not know it's there, however if the page is titled " how to make money ebook" then your page will make it to the top of the list.

#3 Use sitemap.

Sitemap tells Google crawlers which page is most important on your website, sitemap is easy to build and there several free sitemap builders on the web. Once you have a sitemap file you can submit it directly to Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo for more timely response.

#4 Do some research on your keywords.

Keywords are quick, easy reference points for search engines and web crawlers to identify what's on your website, you may think you know what your ideal keywords should be but most people who do a little investigating find there are some suggestions out there they didn't think of!

There are many other ways to improve your Google ranking and I can't possibly mention all of them here but these are the most effective ways to get to the top of Google search results!
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joant is a scam and waste of money.
#2 is outdated
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Nice post, however I also recommend to skip JoeAnt directory because they are involved is backlinks scam and this will almost certainly result in your page loosing rating instead gaining it!!!

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