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How To Install Firebug on Internet Explorer IE?

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I have a website and I am always doing some changes to my HTML and CSS so I need to know if the change will work on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browser. I have firebug installed on Firefox and Chrome but can't find the way to install firebug on IE 10 can anybody help me out?
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You need to create a new Internet Explorer bookmarklet.
Click on view favorites, feeds and history button then clicks on Favorites tab and select Favorites Bar then click on Add to Favorites name it FireBug and save it.

Now right click on the shortcut you have just created and go to Properties in the URL section paste this code and save!

Firebug Lite

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Don't bother installing Firebug on Internet Explorer because IE is a crappy web browser install real web browser like Firefox or Chrome Smile

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