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How To Use HTML Meta Tags - SEO

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How to add a site description that shows up in Google?
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Meta Tags are very important for Google search engine optimization (SEO).
To get most of your title and description make sure to check your title tag and meta description length!
<title> tag length - 65 characters including spaces
meta description tag length - 156 characters including spaces

Add this to your <head> just under <title></title> tag
<meta name="keywords" content="your keywords separated with commas">
<meta name="description" content="your website description">

For instance
<meta name="keywords" content="forum, discussion, internet, boards, message ">
<meta name="description" content="Community Discussion Forum Boards">

There is no need to add keyword tag because in those days keyword tag is not tracked by Google!
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You should not use this
<meta name="keywords" content="forum, discussion, internet, boards, message ">
Anymore Google does not honor it, and could even penalize you. Most people just use it for stuffing anyways. Bing ignores it. But for 2013 it is considered common practice to not use keyword meta anymore.

Right now some good ones to use for SEO purposes are
The Open Graph Protocols which will help not only with SEO but with snippets, which you should be defining now.
You can use Twitter Card
You can use FaceBook
Make sure to use either Author or Publisher for Google

And quite a few more. Smile
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Yes, Google ignores keyword meta tag. So don't add it

Google this topic

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