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How can i improve My all keywords.?

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Please Help me friends. how can i improve My all keywords.? What I do.? ?
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Search engine is all about keywords. To determine the query for a particular web page search engine such as Google searches your title and your content for keywords, after that it assigns the web page to that or those keywords. So make sure you use the right or relevant keywords to your niche in your title and your content. Many people post good quality content but they forget to include a few relevant keywords in the title, and as a result the post just doesn't rank high on SERP
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Pay more attention to On-Page optimization and make it strong. Once you have done that go to link building processes like social bookmarking, directory and forum posting
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select the proper keywords , relevant keywords to match our content , use that keywords in title and description .
and 2 to 3% of keywords use in content .and do proper on page .
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Start from very first step, try to add maximum onpage factors, content is very important, once onpage done try to create quality link building, it is a continuous process so keep update your site with informative and original content!!
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Make a plan first, make groups of your all keywords then start doing SEO group wise and then check for results.
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Do more quality back links to improve the keyword ranking.
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First select proper keywords, because it is important in ranking. We can improve our key words by blog post. Try to get more back-links to your all keywords.
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Use Google Keyword planner for select proper keyword because it is important in website ranking.
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To improve your keyword ranking do seo of your keywords like off page Social Bookmarking, Directories,
Forum Posting, Q/Answer, Image Sharing and more relevant posting.
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To improve keyword ranking SEO techniques are very helpful like in off page seo - Bookmarking,Image sharing,Forum posting etc.
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The practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more appropriate traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.
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After Your Proper ON Page SEO. You Have to more concentrate on Off Page SEO like
Social Sharing.
Forum Submission.
Blogging etc.
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You may be thinking to rank for many keywords, but may not be thinking about the competition. Some keywords can be very difficult to rank just because some of the top blogs may be also trying to rank for the same.

It is that’s why important that you should try to rank for keywords which are not very competitive. You should try to rank for competitive keywords only if you have been simply able to rank for keywords having less and medium competition.

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