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How do i pull down a negative comment in Google search rank?

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I have a negative comment in Google search engine rank, how can i pull down it, please suggest me i really need help, i have to down it in one week.
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Hi I am afraid you would need to each time you find negative comment contact website webmaster and ask them to remove it.

Could you please tell what do you mean by "comment in Google search engine rank"?
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What do you mean "The Negative comment" - The negative reviews or some others link ranked into the TOP (Which has a negative post about your website).

1. @Marcus is right! Ask the website owner for removal.
2. Google remove the website which has violating its terms upon request - Google Terms of Service
A long ago I request to remove a page from Google. Their response as follows:
How do i pull down a negative comment in Google search rank
3. Negative SEO - You cannot push within a week (Would be considered as illegal and not advisable action to do)
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If you want to remove some private/personal information from the search engine then please check this one out: "Removal Policies - Search Help - Google Help" https://support.google.com/websearch/ans...4324?hl=en

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