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How do you celebrate your Christmas?

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KevinMax Offline referral

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We do with all the neighbourhood kids, Chocolates, cookies, gifts, colours papers, foods, full of fun and enjoyment.
What is your plan this year?

Advance Happpyy X-mas!
seo123 Offline referral

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Merry Christmas to you too man!

I will be spending my holidays at home with my family and close friends!
maria Offline referral

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With my buddies! Each year we rant a flat and party non-stop Smile
yasin10 Offline referral

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Hello, merry christmas to all the community, i have something to share in the forum for +this christmas. You can have it in marketplace. Thank You.
chetantop Offline referral

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By celebrating with family, friends & neighbors, we do cut plum cake and party!
davidsmith0143 Offline referral

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I would like to spend the Christmas nigh with my girlfriend on the apartment roof drinking and just lazing around on the rooftop.
sankalppatil Offline referral

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We come on the road at mid night and travel with besties,
keep some chocolates in sox to make children happy
bring some gift and distribute to my family
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Simply spending time with family, friends, playing games and proper Christmas dinner!

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