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How important is Article submission?

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How important is Article submission?
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Article submission is part of the article marketing. Internet is all about content and it's not difficult to understand that good content is the preferred content, most visited and most liked too. Article submission helps you to spread out the word about you and your website, so make sure you submit only good quality articles!
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Your content should always be unique and original if you want the best results. Even an 80% original article will rank worse than one that is 85% original. So you have to keep in mind the amount of plagiarism your actual page has as well.

Though technically you do not ever have to submit anything. You will get crawled regardless at some point. Once you are the first time then you always will be. Submissions do not equal traffic or rank, submissions only help possibly get you more traffic and rank.
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If you want to get good ranking and traffic for your website with Article submission than you have to post unique content about your product detail which help you lots

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