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How long do you make your blog posts?

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I have so many blogs going these days it's hard for me to constantly write long articles for each one. Sometimes I put links in my posts and sometimes I don't, but what do you guys consider to be the proper word amount for a good blog post/article? 200 words? 250? 300?
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In the content marketing what matters is optimization not the word count! You can have 600+ word article but if it's not optimized with your keywords and it's not relevant to your website niche it will have less weight than a 300 word article that contains important keywords and pretty much was optimized for Google!
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Marcus it right!
It depends on the Niche you're handling. Google loves your blogs when content readers starts loving. It is not based on the words does the blog/article has.

For Ex: If you write an article about "What is MY NAME"
Then your real answer will be "Your NAME" - You can finish this article within one word or you can elaborate an article and say at the last, YES this is my name Smile
To make the user to read the entire part of the article is in your clarity of content driving force.

If you write an article about "When My NAME change the world" - It will not end up within one word - You can have millions of words to write to satisfy the user.

Start a topic - Write texts till you got the answer for that topic - Satisfy the viewers - That's it.
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Content must be of 600 + word count. These days google consider content as the king of SEO.
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The advantage of the article is only due to the quantity of keywords you can include in it. This means that you can rank high with one sentence webpage that contains a particular keyword!

If you are targeting "internet marketing" with your article but don't mention that keyword in it it will never show for this search query!
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These days google looks on the content that is more relevant to your website topic.. no matter is has a specific keyword density or not. Google wants you to write ORIGINAL content that is useful for your readers. Yes the length matters and 700-800 words article pages have more chances to get rankings but its also because they contain many keywords in natural way.
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Word count is really doesn't matter. You should be able to produce a useful content in a interactive way. It doesn't matter 400 words or 1000 words. You need to make it in an interactive way that your website users find useful.
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If content is full of information and good enough to engage the reader then it has the chance to rank higher in search engines.I will prefer to write 700+ words article which comprise comprehensive & descriptive images,unique text & video so readers can easily understand the topic with examples.
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In present environment of promotional activities, content is as important as other promotional tool like video, ppts, images and many more. 450+ word count is enough for an article.
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I think the quality of the Content is the most important. But if you can write at least 600 words article, then by all means its a bonus. .
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800-900 words articles in my culinary blog
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You should be able to produce a useful content in a interactive way, writing a blog post like all other writing is a skill. i think the Quality of the content is the most important.for a good blog post/article we use upto 500 words.
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If you have just begun writing your blogs and are not yet fully established it is probably acceptable to have 300+ words. But once you start to get more traffic reading your blogs I believe about 500-700 words or more would really do the job. I know a business who works closely with Google and ensures that the lengths of articles and blogs are quality from start to finish they are called 360 Business Local. Hope this helps!
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when I get started I spent lots of days on researching and writing articles for my websites. but you know what? one of my friend suggest me to use a tool which can help to write lots of article just by copying from other people's written articles into my own unique articles in just a few minutes. It increased my website's ranking as well. it saved me hundreds of hours...
I'm very confident with this tool and want you try this out.


I hope this help! Smile
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Google sometimes considered long article, but the question is if your content is over 600words then how can you hold the attention of your readers? What I advise you to do is if you'll gonna a short article then make sure that it is full of accurate information. If its too long then make sure that you'll be able to sustain the readers attention -- that they will keep on reading your write-ups and at the end of the day they will get something from it. It doesn't matter whether it is long or not, keep in mind that it must be informative enough.
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Dear OP,

If you want to make blogging a business, then start with a single blog. When your first blog is well established you can start other blogs to increase your income.

As far as content length is concerned,

1. Write lengthy articles. I would say, anything with more than 700 words
2. Publish original content
3. Publish frequently
4. and publish something helpful and interactive.

As someone have said already it all depends on your niche. if you want to rank related to "SEO" or blogging, you have to write more than 1000 words nowadays.

But writing something flat won't help you. Includes graphs, images, medias and info graphics to make it more informative and interactive.

Try to seduce your readers to comment (not one word comments) on your blog. It will help you to rank well in search results.
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I think that the normal post consist of 400-500 words
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it is always preferable to make the blog posts above 300 and not more than 700 which will be user friendly to read
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I think a good unique content with around 300 words will do good, along with 2-3 keywords and at-least one image. Off-course your article should go with your website niche.
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More than 1000 with infograph and image to look cool

Google this topic

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