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How many dofollow forum signature link is too much SEO?

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Let say I am a member on some internet marketing forum and I have 1000 posts so if I enable signature on all my posts I will get 1000 dofollow backlinks form that marketing forum but would that improve seo or make it worse because we are talking about 1000 backlinks from only one web site?

P.S. All signature link are dofollow.
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Too many backlinks from a single source will result in Google penalizing that website for webspam! Forum signature is a great way to get free traffic but not to improve SEO. 10 backlinks from a single web site is your limit.
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One to one with relevancy is good for link building.
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If they are dofollow and relevant backlinks then more is better Smile
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Let me state facts, if you are an active user who have useful posts, you can definitely get 5-10 backlinks from your signature and they are definitely high quality.

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