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How many domain names can I have pointing to my site?

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I am going to share with you my seo strategy I hope you will honestly tell me if it will work or maybe you could suggest something that will make it better.

I want to buy as many domain names relevant to my niche as I can and then redirect traffic from those domains to my primary domain name! Will this help to improve my seo? I am positive it will increase traffic but I am more interesting in rankings!
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You can have as many domain names as you wish pointing to your primary domain but I don't think this will make Google happy in fact this is called SEO back-door and it's not good for SEO at all!

Be aware that if some of those domains had some issues with Google it will affect your primary domain as you are sending all that bad things to your site where you are trying to do good SEO!
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You will definitely run into duplicate content issue because each of those domain manes is seen by Google as individual web site and if they are all redirected to the same web page then Google will see the same content for all of them, its a classic beginner's SEO error!
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It's seem like back hat seo,
1)How will you buy same niche site
2)If you redirect to your primary domain the traffic of that domains will drop
3)It will not accepted by google.
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If I would you I would stay away from Black Hat SEO as Google really doesn't like it and will either penalize your site or in worst case scenario will ban it from search engine. Don't try to outsmart Google just follow its advices, to rank high on Google it's not a secret and to get there all you gotta do is optimize your site the way Google tell you to!
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It is not about the quantity of domain names pointing to our site, it is about the quality of the domains. High authority domains give better backlink juice.

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