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How much a quality optimized for Google article cost?

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I am kind of good at writing and creating content so I would like give the content marketing a change and see if I can make some money there? How much does a quality article cost these days?
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In the content marketing the price of an Article vary depending on the niche (subject) and the word-count. The cost of an average Article is between $5 and $10 bucks.
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An Article price depends on word count and subject. it can be vary according to your deadline also.
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hello friends,
In September, the search giant launched universal app campaigns that can reach anywhere Google ads can reach: its mobile Play Store, YouTube, search. The company and developers haven’t shared any results of those efforts until now. The developer Honk, which is an Uber-like roadside assistance app, claims that Google app ads cost a quarter to a third of the price it was getting on Facebook.

“We’ve gone from exclusively spending on Facebook app installs,” said Jacob Honig, Honk’s vp of marketing. “Now, 50 percent of our total marketing spend is going through what we call GUAC,” short for Google Universal App Campaigns.

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