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How much mobile traffic my website gets?

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ivan Offline referral

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How can I find out or generate a report on the amount of mobile traffic my web-site receives?
makiraseo Offline referral

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No idea brother
cutegirl Offline referral

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You can get traffic information about your site through your google webmaster tools' or adsense tools' accounts
victor Offline referral

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Sign up for Google Analytics add there your website then grab and install tracking code on every web page you wanna track it will give you report about traffic sourse
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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You need to have a traffic analyzer software that can be able to calculate your website's traffic. Given that its can't be calculated manually.
maxout Offline referral

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Check your Analytics account there you should see the traffic report that tells you about landing page, keyword, traffic type, web-browser, bounce rate and much more.
WillaStackhouse Offline referral

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Google Analytic will help you to get analyze mobile traffic to your website, you can create the reports from analyzing the website from Google Analytics.
TrishaM Offline referral

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How about getting your traffic from a DSP with a self-serve platform that has reporting like Bluagile

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