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How proxies are used in black hat SEO?

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What is the role of proxy servers in this type of seo? What are they used for and why? Does it require some sort of tool to connect or it's enough with the browser?
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1. Bulk Link Building: Creating hundreds, thousands, even sometimes building lakhs and lakhs of links in a static IP server tends to IP ban by the websites [IP SPAM - Reported by the website owners] We sure get listed in spam IP databases. To avoid those we use proxies.

2. The next way to get escaped from the Google SEO Algorithms against inorganic back-links. Just trying to show to Google engine that these links are build from different geographical locations organically.
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When doing blog and forum posting most of the time you will get blocked or banned if you try creating multiple accounts using the same IP address so to bypass that you can switch proxy server and that will give you different IP or you can use Dynamic IP.

Also some websites block users from particular countries. You can again use proxy to make the site believe you are coming from the allowed one Smile

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