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How to Buy Traffic ?

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I have my site up and running everything is awesome except the fact that I am not getting any traffic Google just doesn't want to help me to hell with it then, I am wondering if there are people or sites that sell traffic?
My question is where can I buy traffic ?
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If you're serious about making money AND you want to buy traffic do the smart thing, use AdWords or Bing/Yahoo Ads.
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Chod is right it's better to spend money on advertising that will bring targeted traffic because this is what is all about
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I think Google is aware of websites that are involved in backlinks scam so if Google finds your link on one of those then your site may get penalized!
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Don't spend your money on some bogus free traffic services it ain't worth it, if your are so eager to spend you money then I suggest you to spend it on articles that will increase your SERPs and hopefully get you free traffic

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