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How to Get Free Backlinks for Your Website?

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I know that backlinks are important for seo and the websites that have more of them rank high on Google? But the problem is it's not easy to get or generate them? What are the best ways you know about?
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The important thing here is to get relevant backlinks!!!!!!

Social media pages
Forum posting
Blog commenting

There are considered best ways generate high quality and relevant back-links to your web-site pretty fast.
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To get relevant backlink post unique content, and you can do social bookmarking, classified, forum commenting, article posting, and many more techniques.
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social bookmarking classified and forum posting website are good to make quality backlinks.
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Do SEO Off page Activity
Forum Posting
Article submission
Yahoo answering
Blog submission
Classified submission
Directory submission
social Bookmarking submission
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Getting more and more organic backlinks, post unique content and keywords, and updated on social bookmarking, classified, forum commenting, article submission, other’s Off-page SEO techniques.
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Use off page seo techniques to get good rank in search engine .
It includes,
>social bookmarking and directory submission
>article and forum posting
>social networking sites
>blog commenting and blog marketing
>search engine submission
>link baiting
>video marketing and photo sharing
>social shopping networks
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Back-links can be achieved from everywhere, but the important thing is how relevant & niche is your submission to the given category. If the back-linking site don't carry any sense, then your submission is meaningless.
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Quality post on the website.
Naturally the post starts with "How to" and "Tips for" will always gets some organic visits and shares (It creates organic backlinks)

Trendy post (I mean the season popular posts) will generate natural backlinks.
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1. Social Networking Sites
2. Blogging
3. Blog Marketing
4. Forum Marketing
5. Search Engine Submission
6. Directory Submission
7. Social Bookmarking
8. Link Baiting
9. Photo Sharing
10. Video Marketing
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Social networking, guest blogging, forum posting, article submission.
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better initialy to with business listings,content marketing,social media profile creation for first 2 months then go for forums
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To get free Backlinks, you must perform Off-Page SEO techniques like:

Press release submission
Article submission
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Nowadays SEO is very important. The best ways to create unique backlinks are forum posting, image sharing, bookmarking, blog posting, blog commenting, profile creation and document sharing.
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Index Kings
IM Talk Website Submitter
Domain Pinger Smile
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Article submission, blog submission, forum activities are will help to create healthy backlinks.
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For me, Social Bookmarking and Directory submission have always worked. If you are looking for collection of some good websites, then visit these websites :- <REMOVED>
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To get a unique quality back link, you just submit your website link in all the off page seo techniques like social bookmarking, directories, web 2.0, blogs and forum sites..
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You should promote your web site through different social media, forums, blogs..
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OffPage optimization is performed to get free and paid backlinks for your website.
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Web2.0 Submission
Forum Submission

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