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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

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There are many of Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog but I will focus on the most effective ways to get free traffic.

1. Try Video marketing to promote your blog or a website.

2. Write a few tutorials on your blog that will teach or help people "how to tutorials" then find similar topics on forums, blogs, websites and direct the traffic to those posts.

3. Try article marketing

4. Try social media marketing
This one I thing is the best way to get free traffic to your website!

5. Offer something for free, people like free stuff.
Good Luck
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Good post Anthony but to really make this work and get real organic traffic from the search engines you need to focus more in producing good content (on-page optimization). You need organic traffic and the only way to get is to have lots of SERPs
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By SERPs you mean URLs?
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(01-17-2014 11:31 PM)ivan Wrote:  By SERPs you mean URLs?

SERPs mean URLs or web pages in the search engine!
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Then you have to ask yourself a question... does my blog have good content or something that many will find interesting and will want to comeback?

The trick to better rankings on Google is posting lots of new and original content at least a few times a week!
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Social media have been a huge source of traffic right now. You should start from there.
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Quality and unique content will improve your blog traffic and submit in facebook and twitter to target your audience
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(02-27-2014 11:22 AM)wrightandru Wrote:  Quality and unique content will improve your blog traffic and submit in facebook and twitter to target your audience

Nice advice thanks

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