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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes?

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Do you know any good methods to increase or get more Facebook page likes? How many likes does your business/fan page have?
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Ask yourself why people like somebodies Facebook page?????

Yes, because its cool and has great content. Make your page like that and you'll get more like I guaranty you.
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Regular engage and used some social search engine that helps to improve facebook likes...
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1- Share it with your friends and tell them to invite their friends.
2- Post it on sites like blogger, digg, stumbleupon.
3- Create interesting topics.
4- Give in a nice thumbnail.
5- Try to more interesting and keep on posting status updates that could be helpful,
6- Or buy likes from SEOclerks.
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Growing natural Facebook Fans is hard. You need to start first some campaigns and get 10 000 or 100 000 fans before you will have some traffic coming from there. It takes time to do it without Ads.

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