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How to Increase Website Traffic?

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There are so many posts, articles, tutorials, videos you name it promising know the answer to the question "How to Increase Website Traffic" but you can't possibly cover all of them and the problem is that many are just BS and don't really help increase traffic. What techniques or tricks big boys (popular websites) used to get traffic, back then when they were only starting their journey?
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The success in the internet relies heavily upon traffic, without it you can't make sails and you can't make any money! And because traffic is such an important factor in Internet Marketing makes it hard to get!
You can start first by increasing your authority in the search engine, in other words you need to increase and keep increasing SERPs (search engine results page), you should also consider using social media sites and classified ad sites to get more traffic!
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If you are hoping to find one sentence answer to this question then forget about it there is no way you can describe briefly how to increase traffic!

All these are proven ways to get traffic:
Social media marketing
Article marketing
Video marketing
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SEO though it will take time. When I say SEO, it means getting organic traffic from search engines. Social media marketing is one of the best for quick traffic.
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Hey guys,

everybody suggests to use social media marketing for traffic. but social media itslef is a pain in the ass . it is not easy to gain any traffic in social media in first place

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forum link submissions and web 2.0 link building sites, helps to increase more web traffic....

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