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How to Increase followers on Twitter

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Hello Guys, everyone want to increase followers on Twitter because most of the businesses are on Twitter nowadays. But many of them are still scratch their heads by trying to find actionable ideas to increase their Twitter followers.

Some of the Tips I know to increase the followers which I mention below.

1. You have to tweet frequently.
2. Re-tweets your followers
3. Share valuable content
4. Follow the followers relevant to your niche

But, if you have some other tips to increase the followers on Twitter then please share !!!
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Hi buddy welcome to letsforum community. For a business involved in the online or offline marketing heaving tons of followers is the best way to get the news spread out fast. However followers are real people and if all you do is spam them with some offers and links they will get bored pretty quickly! So the solution is to tweet some good content that will make them happy and will engage others!
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Great share buddy thanks! Also lets don't forget to take advantage of hashtags which I found produce great results.
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I believe re-tweeting some popular tweets make you noticeable which will increase followers!
Thanks for posting this tricks list!
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Try to ask others to follow you back, share interesting and quality posts so you can drive more people to your website.
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Valuable contents, comments on relevant news/tweets, and re-tweet relevant content can increase your twitter followers.
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Hi all..................

I also agree with victor that with re-tweet the valuable content if we take help of hash tags it will automatically helps to increases the followers.
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Share the Relevant Content.
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I believe re-tweeting some popular tweets make you noticeable which will increase followers!
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For Increasing the followers on Twitter to follow these ways:
Create Valuable Content.
Comment on relevant news/tweets.
Add Exclusive content, contests and promotions on twitter.
Collaborate with others.
Launch a product on Twitter.
Use hashtags.
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Put interesting images and interesting content with hash tags.
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Twitter is Microblogging based social media site so if you are active at this platform with sharing interesting image, video and text then number of follower going increase.
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Share the potential content like good videos, posts and etc.and if you got first on your twitter than re tweet it. these are common but most effective ways in increasing followers on twitter.
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You can add more twitter follower by sending email to your contacts and also you can become follower of other twitters users, because if you follow others twitter users then you will increase chance to get more followers.You can also buy followers from sites like SEOClerks.
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Try "Twiends" ... you can increase your followers using this portal but do not overuse it or else your twitter account will be suspended.

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