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How to Make Money With Google Adsense EASY!

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Adsense is a contextual advertising programme by google, that allows publishers to display ads on their site. By contextual I mean that google figures out what the content of your web page is about and serves adds relating to the subject.

For example if you have a web page that is on the topic of ‘How to find cheap auto insurance’ google will serve you adds offering auto insurance leaving a high chance of a visitor clicking on an add and highlighting why adsense is so effective.

Adsense is everywhere, you will have definitely seen it. The adds are displayed in text, picture or video format and say ‘ads by google’ to the side.

To make money online with adsense your website visitors need to click on an add, thats it. Google then charges the advertiser and gives you a 68% share of the revenue, not bad eh?
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Hi thanks very much Maya for this awesome post I hope it will help people!
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Well now we can make money here with LetsForum for free! I made around 10 USD a day with LetsForum.com
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There is no such a thing as easy money girl it takes a lot of work to get enough traffic so that Adsense starts to get profitable and earn your real money the otherwise you will only earn close to nothing!

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