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How to Pay $0.00 for Facebook Ads

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Hello Friends,

I've talked about this in the past and I felt compelled to simplify this down a bit more to really give you an idea of how it's done.

First things first.

Facebook pages seem to have MUCH LOWER advertising costs than external links. That's because Facebook isn't having to send traffic to another website, instead they get to control the traffic a bit more - leading to lower costs on our end.

Second, by sending people to a Facebook page you are locking them in pretty much and gaining attention from their friends and family. So even when you do start paying a tiny amount $0.00 you're going to continue to grow off of the fans you acquire from that initial audience.

Lastly, when I say $0.00, I'm not saying free. I'm saying $0.00 which could be $0.0025 like many of my advertising costs (per click).

To acquire this, make sure to go after a large audience that's targeted towards what kind of page you're creating. And what I usually do is pay for "impressions" versus clicks. By doing this you can save yourself $100's of dollars each month when using Facebook ads.

My lowest cost for an ad was around $0.0018 which I achieved about 2 months ago. I'm expecting the new Facebook changes (news feed update) to increase conversions due to the interest of the new layout.

Anyways, let me know what you think and what you're experiences are.

Justin Lewis

P.S. Don't forget to test audiences and different ads! If you aren't getting below $0.10 per click you're seriously doing something wrong with Facebook ads and if you need to, ask me.
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That is an outstanding article buddy +1.

I am gonna tray this trick let see how it goes! I only used Facebook adverting once and I felt like it was a ripoff as they were charging me $6 per like that is just too much! That that moment I stopped using Facebook ads only use Adwords as Pay Per Click Network!

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