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How to Promote My New Website?

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Lets just say I have just created a new website and I have not done any seo because as you know seo takes time so I am wondering are there ways to promote web site like let the world know about my new site? I don't want to spend time on seo which takes forever I need traffic like right now?
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I am going to tell you right away that every site needs SEO but if you want to get your site know while SEO takes affect the try PPC advertising try Google AdWords or Bing ads.
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Yeah, the hardest part of the internet marketing is actually promoting new website but there are many ways you can do it.

Eccentrically what you are looking for is traffic and to get it:

Blog posting
Forum posting
Social Media sites
Press release
Free advertising like classified ad site
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How to promote artificial jewelry Website?
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(07-25-2014 06:22 AM)hisimj Wrote:  How to promote artificial jewelry Website?

Pretty much the same way you would promote any website. Start by generating dofollow relevant high PR backlinks. Offer something for free to attract more traffic.

Press release, video marketing ans social media marketing will also help.
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Craiglist, Press release, Social Media, Backlinking and others should help your website slow get notice by people!
Is little hard at the beginning , but it all depends on your niche , how fast will get notice by search engines and to get ranked.


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