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How to REALLY increase my page rank with any Website/Program

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I make one website related with health, job and sensuality updated information! I just have PAGE RANK = 1 after a long research in internet!
Anyone knows any program, website or service to REALLY increase my page rank? ( Better if it was FREE )


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Back-links are the key to increase the PAGE RANK
Free & Automated backlinks doesn't increase your PR/traffic. Of course it can increase your PR to 2/3, for shorter time. Sure you will be penalized by Google, when you worked with free/automated back-links service providers.

Note: PR is based on the Google pagerank algo & no one knows when they update it. So do not go with FAKE promises. Usually Google updates the PR 2-3 times in a year (Not every month). I heard that some providers give fake redirects for less cost. Be aware of fake redirects.

No one built - free - high quality relevant domain authority back-links for you Smile
Buddy! Its better to built the back-links manually by yourself.
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Links from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have huge effect on website's PR and rankings.

I recommend you to take advantage of social media signals. What also helps is creating a blog.
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Off-page optimization is directly responsible for PageRank and search engine rankings. As suggested above do manual backlinks building stay away from any software, script that generate links automatically.

Create Google+ and Facebook business page submit them to Google also include the link to them somewhere on your website.

Notice! These days high PR is not the key to better ranking, what you need is good content.
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Just in-case you don't know that PR is determined according the amount of backlinks the website has. To increase it the site needs more of them. Don't get me wrong here you need not just any kind of backlinks but: high PR, dofollow and relevant ones.

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