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How to Set a Background Image in HTML?

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I have noticed many websites have Background Image instead of color I would like to know how to make my page background show image and not color? Is color background better than image background from the performance point of view?
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Add this code you your css stylesheet.

body {

Add background-repeat:repeat-x; to repeat image horizontally!
Add background-repeat:repeat-y; to repeat image vertical!
Add background-repeat: no-repeat; will prevent reaping image or background-repeat: repeat; to repeat it!
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Quote:Is color background better than image background from the performance point of view?

I think image background will increase your site load time but if you use small texture image with the background-repeat option for your background then I think your load time will not get affected too much. Don't forget to set leverage browser caching to decrease your site load time Wink
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Select and duplicate the HTML code underneath, and after that glue it into your open index.html document. Include the foundation picture URL. In the index.html document, discover the line foundation picture: url(" ");. Move the cursor between the enclosures, and after that sort the foundation picture record name.

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