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How to add a new admin to manage my Google Plus page only?

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I have a business page on Google plus but I can give access to my account since it's linked to Adsense, Adwords and webmaster tools account.

I need to some how add access only to post on my Google+ page as if me how to do it? How to add a new admin and limit it's permission only to posting?
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Add as communications manager, and here are how to do it
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The link shared above describes step by step how to do it:

Basically you need to go to you page and click on "manage the page" then go to your Settings and click on the managers tab Managers there you have to enter the email address of the person that will become new admin and will manage the page!

Remember the the other person will need to have a Google plus account.
It will receive the email from Google where it will have to accept the terms and conditions.
It will have full access to all features and functions of the page so choose the right people!

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