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How to add business to google maps?

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maria Offline referral

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I would like to let my customers know about the location of my business like phone number and address I mean that will show on Google maps whenever search for my brand how to do that add is it free?
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To create local listing for Google Map go to "Google My Business" https://www.google.com/business/ and add it there for more info please watch this YouTube tutorial on how to add your business to Google maps:

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Thanks for the insight
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This can be of great help to you: https://support.google.com/mapmaker/answ...044?hl=en. Just follow through.
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Add your business into Google places and you will get this. You need a local address to do this.
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It is really a great opportunity to users by google to add their business locality to their website or google maps. This help user to reach the destination through google maps. It supports business through handy navigation through mobile phones or laptops.
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Do Business listing at Google and many other high PR website for increasing visibility in search Engines.
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Don't forget to do that to other search engines as well, for instance, bing, yahoo etc.
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Yes you can add business to google maps, verify a local business on Google map, then just go to the Google mu business, then click on get on Google, enter your business name and address in the search box, select add your business, select category, verify your business, confirm your business and then set up a Google+ Page.
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Register your business first with Google, then the most important thing is to copy exactly the way you write your number and your address that you have on your website.

Copy exactly, the spaces, the commas, the capital letters.
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I am findng this so thanks very much for sharing this video
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Thanks for sharing.
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Verify your business and see the difference it makes. Tell us which business is yours. Find your business on the map. Or, add it for free. Verify that you are you. We'll either call or send you a letter. Double check your details. Make sure we have the right info for your business.
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It is really a great opportunity to customers by search engines to add their company area to their website or search engines charts. This help user to reach the location through search engines charts. It facilitates company through useful routing through cell mobile phones or laptop computers.
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Add your business to the guide
1.Open Google Maps and ensure you're marked in.
2.Zoom into the guide where you need to include your business.
3.In the base right, click Send Feedback.
4.Click Add a missing spot.
5.Drag the marker where you business is, and include any important data.
6.Click Submit.
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Add your business to the map -

1.Open Google Maps and make sure you're signed in.
2.Zoom into the map where you want to add your business.
3.In the bottom right, click Send Feedback.
4.Click Add a missing place.
5.Drag the marker where you business is, and add any relevant information.
6.Click Submit.
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But why only Google? I don't mean that is bad solution, but you can also use offline maps for you, it,s more convinient. Google don't suuport offline maps, but when you're a tourist sometimes it can help you.
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