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How to become a website designer?

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What it takes to become a website designer and developer? I mean I would like to know how to design or create website skin or templates? Also how do you learn or where do you learn how to create complex websites like Facebook for instance?
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To become a website designer, engineer, developer you name it you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript.
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You must be wondering what it takes to become a website designer or website developer. Well, if you wanted to grow as a skilled website designer then hands-on experience with various web designing tools like Photoshop, Dream Weaver, HTML, CSS is necessary. Other than the basic knowledge of mark-ups, you should have an idea of web programming languages like JavaScript or PHP etc. Also, you should have complete knowledge of color combinations that what suits best as per the industry requirements.
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first you should know how to design, and then after css html comes
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photoshop, illustrator and indesign , you should know about it
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yes i agree with above replies, photoshop and corelldraw required for this

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