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How to buy the best Smart TV?

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What is the best smart TV to buy? New TVs are hitting the market every day and what was cool new gadget yesterday now is already too old. I have decided to buy a new TV after I say a few TV commercials advertising this new Smart TV technology. So which Smart TV is best in relation price vs. quality, which one do you recommend I should buy?
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Here are 5 best Smart TVs in the world!

1. LG Smart TV
2. Panasonic Smart Viera
3. Samsung Smart Hub
3. Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)
5. Toshiba Cloud TV

Which Smart TV is best? It depends on what you're after some smart TV systems have wide range of TV appss, others have movies apps or Internet apps.
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I am thinking to Buy Sony LED TV Model no. HX-75. Can anyone confirm if this is a Smart TV?

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