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How to cause my competitors to loose Google rankings?

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antony Offline referral

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Is there a way to cause my competitor website to loose search engine rankings thus making my site top one! Is there some Black Hat seo technique for that?
ivan Offline referral

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Try negative SEO or Google bowling!
kapoor297 Offline referral

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Yeah create multiple blogs with random niche.
Place many links in each and every blog.
All done.
Try to make the blog about irrelevant niche.
I guess this is the best technique to do what you need to.
Start spamming with your competitors URL.
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It's not that easy as you may think to drop some website's PR and rankings is the site already has high PageRank, ranks on top of Google search results SERP and has high search engine authority. Spamming links could make it even stronger Smile

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