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How to change facebook name

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How to change Display Name of Facebook account?
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Log into Facebook.

Go to Account Settings "top right-hand corner of every Facebook page">To the right of your Name, click Edit
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To change your display name, Please follow this steps in below:
Step 1 Go to your Account Info page.
Step 2 Your display name appears in the field labeled "Your Name Displays As."
Step 3 To create a screen name, enter your desired screen name in the "Your Name Displays As" field.
Step 4 To use a friendly name consisting of your first name and last initial, make sure you have entered your first and last name in the appropriate fields. Then, if there is a screen name in the "Your Name Displays As" field, click "Choose to display [your name] publicly instead."
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Thanks for sharing the Information.
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Upper right corner.

Google this topic

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