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How to clone a website?

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I am aware it's not legal to steal, copy or duplicate come website content but the reason I wanna clone it is cause I would like to take its code and then modify it so that it won't look like original and then use it on my website.

There is a website that has stuff I would like to have on my website but I juts can't figure how to do it so I decided to make a shortcut.

Is there any software or maybe online service that can do that?
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Hope you not use this for a phishing.

anyways regarding your question, if it's html website, you can simply grab all the website content. Never try it but i think fdm software can do that.

If it's a cms website the easiest way, find what themes they use. you can find their framework using builtwith dot com. Once you found it, then buy that theme and clone it Big Grin

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