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How to connect Iphone or Ipad Pc Windows 7

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A few days ago I purchased my Ipad 4 but I am having a hard time connecting it to my windows 7! For some reason windows 7 doesn't detect Ipad 4, any idea why? How can I transfer and download files from Ipad?
maria Offline referral

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You need to download iTunes if you want to connect iPad, Iphone, iPod or any of the Apple products to windows pc
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Yeah Apple products maybe cool but they are pain in the as* because of that, Iphone doesn't even have Bluetooth which is so basic and widely used feature.
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All these Iphone and Ipad Apple products are not the best in the market, people buy them because it's cool to have one!
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you just need itunes which you can download online.

Google this topic

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