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How to create a sub-domain?

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I am not sure how to create a subdomain cause I an afraid to mess my site up. So can someone please posts guideline on how to do it?
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Log into your Control Panel and go to "Domain Center" there click on the domain in question and then click on sub-domain input the name and click add you are all set Smile
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To create a subdomain, please do the following:

Login to cPanel and click Subdomains.
In the drop-down, choose the domain.
In the box before the domain, type the subdomain name you want.
Click inside the "Document Root" box and it will auto-fill.
Hit the Create button.

To delete a subdomain, please do the following:
Login to cPanel and click Subdomains.
At the bottom, under Actions, click Remove.
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Sub-domain is the best idea to promote your site.
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To make a sub space:

1. Login to your acc focus.

2. tap on space on the highest point of the screen and pick ADD NEW DOMAIN OR SERVICE.

3. Under ADD DOMAINS, tap the ADD DOMAIN catch.

4. Sort in your area or subdomain. ...

5. In case you're including a subdomain, you will see a notice box. ...

6. Presently, select your server of decision.

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