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How to create an invisible link - Tutorial

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Hi just posting this quick tutorial on how to create a hidden or invisible link you can also hide input form and textarea the same way, this can be used to let say fool some spambots making them believe that it's a required field in case of input field.

<a class="hidden" href="url">TextHere</a>

<a href="url" style="display:none">Error</a>

<a href="url" style="visibility:hidden">Error</a>
Here the link is invisible but still takes up space
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Thanks @Dude
You better check this post out by Matt Cutts on Hidden links
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An backlink may be An connection over on your website starting with some other website.
Though you convince an additional web writer on set An connection will your site on as much site, et cetera hiddenite the join with CSS, then:.
(1) you lose the chance to genuine individuals to take after those connection and discover your site, Also. (2) Google will expect it may be spam alternately An join ranch alternately some other such undesirable site, What's more best case scenario will disregard your site Furthermore his, Also even under the least favorable conditions will boycott Also square them.
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very useful information
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Display:none is the best option for you to hide the links
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Good information
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This post is very useful
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you already have a right code for hidden link.

Google this topic

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