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How to create cron-job for free execution time every 1 min without registration!

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If you are reading this topic then it means you have a need for cron-job case you have a script that needs it! Unfortunately most many shared hosting don't support cronjobs so the logical solution is to use an online service right... not really!

Most most of them are not free! Well they offer a free plan that is limited by executions per day or time meaning that forget about very 1 or 5 minutes the lower they can go is 15 or 10!

Not you can become a paid member and have no limitations but come-on who needs to pays for something like that Smile

Now there a still a few a couple of 100% free websites but they just don't work as advertised!

So here is a solution guys!

What you need to have a fully functional cron-job service is to use a script that has "task manager" build in!

The script I am talking about is MYBB open source free forum software.

Simply download it, install it on your server and then use it only for setting up cron jobs.

Need help with MYBB please comment below!

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