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How to delete URL from Fetch as Google

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Guys I have submitted a few URLs to Google through "Fetch as Google" option in webmaster tools account but the problem is those pages no longer exist neither the URLs submitted to Google but when I check "Fetch as Google" I can see those URLs how to remove them from there?
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Unfortunately you can't remove URL from “Fetch as Google” just leave it Google will figure on it's own what to do if the web page doesn't exist. To remove URLs for Google index you can use Remove URLs option.

Webmaster Tools go to Optimization > Remove URLs and follow the instructions.
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Too bad I thought that if there is an option to submit URLs to Google there should be an option to remove them.
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The only way you can remove URLs from Google is by using this tool:

Webmasters tools account >> Google Index >> Remove URLs >> Create a new removal request
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Delete the URL from sitemap this will return 404 header every time, and after Google fails to index that page or URL a few time it will get removed from search engine index!
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There is no way to delete pages that show there on the Fetch screen.

If the URL doesn't longer exist then you should probably use 301 .htaccess redirect to send that URL SEO juice to your homepage.

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