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How to do article Submission?

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Always do variation of anchor text in article submission.
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Just use 2-3% of anchor text with semantic keywords which will be related to your particular topic.
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For Article submission, you need to give emphasis to your Focus Keyword.
Once you get your article evaluated twice, post it to the respective site with your focus keyword hyperlinked.

Now, you can find a suitable focus keyword by answering these four basic question:-
What knowledge and value your post offers to the readers?
What topic your content speaks mostly about?
What user search queries my content is relevant for?
What keyword did variations search users may use to reach my content?
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Search for article submission sites in google and request people in the Facebook group to share the list of sites, then register in that site and make your first move of Giving a Suitable title to add it then add some Tag, and give a brief description and add a link to it. this is steps to be followed.
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The main reason behind article submission is to draw in countless (and joins) to your site without acquiring an extraordinary expense. By giving significant detail and data inside articles, it constructs the trust of potential clients subsequently giving them the motivation to visit your site.
How to submit your content to article sites:
  1. Keep your best work. 1 article for every catalog. Add watchword content connects to your mark. Try not to try too hard. Submit to quality indexes. Submit to specialty indexes. End.
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Keep your best work. ...
1 article per directory. ...
Add keyword text links to your signature. ...
Don't over do it. ...
Submit to quality directories. ...
Submit to niche directories. ...
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try EzineArticles and you can use the same keyword as anchor text
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An article must be informative and value serving. Find the high PA, DA article submission sites first. Write an informative, non-plagiarised and valuable content and submit it with valid source and statistics, if any.

Yes, you can use the exact keywords but they should fit with the context. Also, you can use up to 5 anchor text in an article of 1000 words.
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If you are using article submission still for quality backlinks. Then you should include the keywords in there. Avoid using too many keywords to get spamming. try to give hyperlinks not more than twice in the article.
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Very Informative conversation.

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