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How to generate more sales out of traffic?

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We run an eCommerce business selling cellphones and we get plenty of traffic but not too many sales? What should we do to convert that traffic into more customers and sales?
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Improve your landing page.
Give some stuff away for free.
Lower the price.
Improve your sale page.
Improve product description.

There are many more but what I recommend you is to learn more marketing tricks.
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Landing Page optimization Involves
1. Landing page must be look like a trust-able page - Clumsy pages which lacks the information failed the conversion.
2. Compare the competitor's landing nodes (At least compare with 10 more competitors pages)
3. Provide some offers, Availability of discount coupons and other offers
4. Suitable descriptive comments
5. Better user testimonials.
6. Understand the NOT to do factors
7. Security perspective
8. Make the user very clear (Do not make them confused). For ex: If you're providing a free ebook for every purchase : Just make a button Free-eBook then Submit/Subscribe.
9. Do not push the user to buy - Words like Awesome!! Hurry!!
10. Combination of colors surrounding the checkout button

There are lots to think then do before optimizing the landing page.
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Many seem to forget that we humans are hardwired to trust someone or something that has good looks. In this case website design/landing page is important cause is where all magic happens where people will decide if they trust you or not to buy product.
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People do like ? free stuffs find some good, reliable, scarce and gigantic phones accessories that wouldn't cost much. Add it to any items your customers order from your store, in one means or another they will surely spread your business with a word of mouth. Another strategy you can integrate into your marketing strategies is look for awesome mobile apps wish you know they will have to pay for before getting them and offer it free. There are lots of means to keep customers alive with what you promote, learn from competitors see and make use of the marketing strategy they use to keep your business afloat. Never forget customers satisfaction is another important thing you must put in place, customers always like guarantee isn't it?.

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