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How to get backlinks to my website

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Hi, I have a website and i need help to fine backlinks
How i can use this forum to get backlinks?
I just wacht a video front youtube, and they talk about backlinks

If somebody know how I can use this forum to get backlinks, please help me
Thank you
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When this site was lunched it had a forum dedicated to website reviews, where users were allowed to post about their sites and share their links but pretty soon the webmaster of this forum realized that such a practice ain't good for SEO so it's no longer allowed, but the good news you are at the right place to get help with getting backlinks Smile

Listen to get backlinks I recommend you to dedicate 99% of your time on improving your on-page optimization, if have a good content backlinks will naturally occur because people will share it and will recommend your content to their buddies, also this increases your search engine authority because more content means more SERPs, and lastly this will also help you to get more love from Google Wink
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A few years ago links exchange was a pretty common practice among many webmasters to gain rating but now that Google pays more attention to the content rather than to backlinks it's no longer something that will help you to get better ranking!
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Stay away from link exchange, Google doesn't like it, instead you article marketing that should help you get a few backlinks and traffic
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Link exchange is a great way to get "dofollow backlinks" however you have to contact the webmaster and ask it to include your link in their site, if a website openly advertises link exchange then it ain't worth it Google can read that too!! Wink

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