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How to get faster ranking in Google?

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This is an EPIC question guys. Is there a way to get faster Google rankings like within days maybe hours?
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The best way I know that works is every time you post a new content first use "ping website" services, then I post the link on all my social media pages and lastly use "fetch as Google". This will get your content indexed by Google in no time the rest is in your and Google's hands. If you new content has backlinks and it's a good quality one then you will rank pretty high in the search engine!
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Hello .. how can i get high ranking in page 1 on Google for my website. fast and easy ?
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Please tell me a couple if things about your site.

Is your website a blog, website or a forum?
What is your website niche or what keyword/s are you targeting, want to rank high for in Google?

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