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How to get into freelance marketing.

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I'm looking for a way to get into freelance marketing so I can earn some extra money and gain some experience any idea where should I start?
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there are some good Free websites to register as a Freelancer, like Freelancer ,peopleperhourr, elance,Guru etc..
Register your profile there hope you will get some positive response very soon.
All the best.
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Before you join on freelance site, you should have your portfolio of work. You cannot just join to those site and easily get a job. You should have a portfolio of your work, because before they pick you, they want to see your work before.
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Go on freelance portals registered there then spend regular time to see and understand the key to get the projects then start work...
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You can start by joining freelance sites that can help you earn tasks and increase your revenue.
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Brand management will work out if you intend to go freelance. You can particularly apply to companies that need extra pair of hands in handling campaigns which might require product launching at the end of the year. But companies rarely get freelancers in this field, since launching is very crucial and demands for frequent meetings.

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