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How to get more views on Lets Forum

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Hi everyone I have decided to post this quick tutorial that will help people to get more views and thus quicker help.

1. lets forum has dedicated an entire forum to backlinks in other words a place where people can create threads promoting their sites and thus generating backlinks and free traffic however many people don't realize that if you just make a crappy thread with a few words it will never bring you free traffic because the whole point is to make a thread interesting enough that will make people want to share it and click the link you have provided to learn or find out more!

2. Many users have hundreds of posts but still didn't upload their avatar. You have to realize that avatar acts as a magnet drawing user attention to your thread or reply thus generating more views and helps you to get quicker help! I recommend that you choose funny avatars for maximum effect.

3. Chod has spend his time creating this amazing thread to help you make your threads more affective that has tons of tips and tricks check it out.
http:// letsforum.com/Thread-Proposal-Get...productive

4. Also to get more views try to be an active member post more often try to help others, this will help you to become an Established Member that will let you add a signature and use more cool and useful tools.

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