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How to get more views on Youtube

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How to get more YouTube views? How those top YouTube accounts get so many views? Is there some special method? I am asking this because I am pretty sure there has to be better way to get more views!
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Try to upload funny videos! Like fails, pranks, funny people, funny animals, funny accident, people are awesome, gone wrong videos, etc. Also people like to watch car accident videos. These kind of videos get millions of views in a few days!
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If you upload genuine video which was helpful for all people than you can easily get huge views for your YouTube videos which help you lots
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Just give a title as how to make money easily and then upload it. after than views automatically increasing at what you expect.
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There are so many ways to get more traffic on youtube videos but for that you need to make different strategy. First of all you have to understand the video topic and niche that you will upload on youtube and then you need to share your youtube video in according to the target people. So I think you can use social media for sharing your youtube videos to the people for getting more trafficSmile

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