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How to get more views on Youtube with software?

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I ones watched the video on youtube about some kind of software that is used to submit YouTube video to directories and search engine to generate backlinks and that will then increase the video rankings and then traffic/views but can't remember the name of that script?

Any ideas please let me know?
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You can use any backlinks generating software to accomplish your goal. To show on YouTube or on Google first page the video as any other web-page/site has to have more backlinks than web-sites or videos currently ranking there.

If you submit the URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo it should be a good start.
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Traffic or views is all about content if your video content is crappy and search for only a few times a month then how come you expect to get views. What you need is to record and upload videos that get searched millions of times a day.
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Google rankings rely on backlinks and since YouTube videos are also included in the SERP this means that they also fall under the same rule.

There are many good software available online not free ones though. But hey they cost like under 100 bucks and generate thousands of backlinks.

Google this topic

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