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What is seo?
The majority of people don't know what seo ( search engine optimization) means. Here is what it is – seo is what goes on behind the scenes of a website that makes it get to the first position in Google and other Search Engines.

Here's some statistics:
48% never go past the Google first page
50% visit only top 5 results in Google
2% actually check the second page of Google results

Basically if you're not at the very least on the first page of Google, you have little chance of being found. To maximize your website's potential you should be in top 3 results.

First page of Google.. yes, it is possible and you can do it!

First you must understand some basics of what Google wants. Mr Google wants good content to show his customers (YOU), wants his customers to have a good browsing experience.

Step #1 Real Content
If you want Google to list your site as having the best answer for specific questions, step one is to make sure your site really does answer the question better than anyone else, write, edit, rewrite and repeat that process regularly.

Step #2 Optimize
Your site must be optimized to suit Google's algorithm this means the layout, images, formatting and even the background coding must be optimized so that Google can easily see that indeed you are the best search result.

Step #3: Be The Expert
Share your knowledge, answer questions and share helpful information on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, a blog and some more. This is the hardest part but it improves your credibility with Google and it keeps your site up in the rankings.

Notice I didn't say
Quote:hoc your goods it daily barrage self-serving posts there are thinly-veiled ads
everyone knows what that is when they see it. People have a nose for spam and they don't like it, be genuine, this is a time consuming process that produces serious results.

Step #4 Backlinks
As you become known as the expert links back to your site will naturally occur, Google will sense that and will boost your Rank, ranking as a result. We'll speed up that process by securing real links from reputable sites to build strong credibility, notice I didn't say we will buy a bunch of lousy links at spam sites to pop-up numbers temporarily because all that it'll do it will be exactly that will be temporary, Google knows these spam sites and their algorithm will sniff it out and
destroy it at the end of the day Google wants to give great results to the people searching for information and that's what they're gonna do!

Step #5 Scrub The Web
As you build a stronger presence online people say good things about you they'll also say a few bad things, you need to search the web daily for any mention of your organization and remove when possible any bad information or at least you need to respond to it appropriately.

Step 6: Maintain It
The web will never stop changing and repeating this process is going to be a part of doing business from here on out, watching your content, your presence in the marketplace, your backlinks, watching what people are saying about you, these are all things that have to be watched all the time.
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WOW great share Victor! You recently have been posting some really good content.
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Sometimes I get really surprised that some webmasters have a great website with a lot of good content and for some reason struggle to gain rating in another hand you see those badly written sites with a few pathetic articles ranking high on Google! I guess there is a luck after all Wink
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Its good to read your article here, always follow the Google Guidelines for SEO.
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Google really wants every website to rank high and it publishes all these SEO articles, guidelines to inform webmasters what Google wants and how to get it done, all you have to do is to follow it!
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The reason so many fail is cause they don't realize that SEO takes time and sometimes you can loose rankings after being ranked high on Google it's all part of the internet marketing and the sooner you understand it the better you'll get!
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Great info....
You can also use a web-builder (you can get these from web-hosting companies - sometimes they have built in SEO tools

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