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How to get views on Youtube and make more money?

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There are many YouTube channels that whenever they publish a new video it gets millions of views and since they have Adsense linked to their account they make quite a bit of money!

How to get more views?
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make your content more quality.. add backlinks to that video to get easyly searched by visiter in google.
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What you need is to upload videos that have high search volume like funny, fails, lets-play gaming and so on! Make sure the video you upload is not somebody else property!

To rank high on YouTube each video needs to have optimized title, description and tags!
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create your videos unique and quality..
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share via social media
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make unique and quality videos. Promote videos on social networking sites. upload them on video blogging sites like youtube with unique keywords.
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A friend of mine told me to use internet marketing already. I have a good website that
I've been using lately and it is very useful in terms of gaining youtube views. Just give a shout out or give me a private message Smile
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To get more views on your YouTube videos write correct title, and describe, choose proper keyword for your video and share it via social networking sites.
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Share your video with as many people as you can as soon as you post it. The earlier you share it, the more likely it will be to be a YouTube sensation. If you wait a week to share it while it barely gets any views, it'll be much more likely to be forgotten by the YouTube community. You should also try SEOclerks if you wanna buy youtube views, you can hire an expert from SEOclerks, he/she can help you in providing youtube views at a cheap rate
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If the Youtube channel is famous then adsense easily earning and getting more money from it.
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sharing your video to social, forum..

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