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How to improve a website?

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How to improve a website? what are important factors to improve a website?
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Speed is a large factor in site performance, but it’s not the only one. Sites need to load quickly and all the elements need to work on both desktop and mobile.
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speed and design is factor
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To improve the website you have to do on-site audit first and make changes accordingly to your website. After that start link-building.
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Have a Plan
Remove stocky images and ambiguous terminology
Include social share and follow buttons
Implement calls-to-action
Use the right imagery that works for your audience
Create a navigation that guides users through your site
Let your visitors scroll on your homepage
Don't be afraid of white space
Stay mobile friendly
Focus on SEO
Never stop testing
Find and fix 404s
Create unique offerings
Create content for your persona
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You can use better design and make responsive website.
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Create a website mobile friendly and mobile responsive
Improve website speed desktop and mobile
Upload quality image and valuable content
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Have a Plan. Don't just start designing your website. ...
Remove the Following From Your Website. ...
Include Social Share and Follow Buttons. ...
Implement Calls-to-Action. ...
Use the Right Images. ...
Navigation. ...
Let Your Visitors Scroll on Your Homepage. ...
Don't be Afraid of White Space.
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To improve website follow these :
1. Website responsiveness
2. Genuine Content
3. Optimized Images
4. Easy navigation
5. URL structure
6. Use social sharing buttons
7. Website loading speed... etc

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