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How to improve my Google ranking 2013

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Guys searching for "how to improve Google ranking" return many good pages explaining how to do that but the problem is those posts are at least one year old and since then Google made so many changes that those techniques don't work anymore. So what are the new techniques that can help to improve Google ranking in 2013? 001_glare
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Article marketing and social media marketing definitely were and still are top SEO techniques!
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I am not a SEO expert but I read many posts claiming that by adding new, original and fresh content frequently really helps increasing ratings and get more love from Google!
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Try: "article marketing", "email marketing", "video marketing" and "social media marketing"! All these will help you to get backlinks and free traffic but you need to do an extensive "on-page optimization" to make Google happy, happy Google equals higher ranking and higher PageRank Smile

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