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How to increase Alexa ranking?

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Alexa shows that my website rankings are 3,553.231 as you can see pretty bad rankings. DO you know how to increase Alexa rankings? Is there some kind of Alexa seo?
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Alexa is just a tool that calculates website traffic rate and then compares that rate with other website thus calculating traffic rankings! To increase or get more traffic you have to improve your SEO and increase Google rankings.
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Best 2 ways to increase Alexa ranking

Best 2 ways to increase Alexa ranking.

1. Install Alexa toolbar in your browser. Because Alexa get information about your site by this toolbar. Install Alexa toolbar

2. Use Alexa site widgets in your website. When visitor will click on this widgets than it will work. Because of most of your traffics have no Alexa toolbar so they will be able to add this toolbar for there browser. Alexa site widgets

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