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How to increase Google AdSense click through rate CTR?

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What are the best ways to increase Adsense CTR? Please share your tips and tricks here. Also which ads have higher click through rate image or text?
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Identify on your website areas where users are more prompt to click on links and put Adsense ads there. Don't place more than one ad unit in the same area. If you have articles then putting a text ad at the end of it will work just fine. Don't use too big ad units. Make sure to blend Adsense good with your content, match font size, color and background color. If you have links inside the article then put an ad there! After all traffic plays an important role in determining earnings. Why... because CTR is hard to increase but if you get traffic then you will get good amount of clicks that at the end of the day will earn you pretty good amount of money.
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Don't put ads at the bottom of the page. To increase CTR you should identify hot spots on your site and put an ad there.

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